The Israeli Basketball Super League Administration Ltd (BSL). is a non profit organization, founded in 2002 with the purpose of upgrading Israeli Basketball and improving its level of management, according to the highest standards customary in the world.
The objectives of the Administration are to allow the Super League members to act independently in respect resolutions pertaining to games of the league, the marketing of broadcasting rights and recruitment of sponsors.

In addition to the commercial companies support the teams directly, the Administration reached long term Sponsorship Agreements with both local and international brand companies
, and the Israeli Israeli Lottery, which is the main BSL sponsor.

BSL's initial and ultimate goal has and continues to be the creation and implementation of professional and international standards not only in playing the game, but also in the way it is managed and marketed.

Indeed, throughout its short life span, BSL Israel has already succeeded in raising the bar and setting an example of innovative efficient and professional sports management not only to other basketball teams in Israel, but also to various other sport sections. It is our wish to continue excelling at our work so we can proudly stands as equals to our fellow basketball players, managers and lovers, world wide.

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